Annual Meeting Carleton County Loyal Orange Lodge

Brother David Lajeunesse the County Master was in the chair. The travelling Bible was presented the the County by Brother Bev Cluff from LOL 151 Richmond to be used at the meeting.

The Lecturers were appointed and Brother Reg Conners and brother Percy Markell repeated the lecture.

Honours were bestowed upon Brothers Richard Lowery, Calvin Yeo and Keith McCooeye by the Marshall Brother Kevin Bradley. Two others members were given honours in the morning which were Brothers Mark Alexander and Doug Nixon.

The Recording Secretary Brother Ryan Campbell read the minutes from the last meeting, and this was approved by the membership.

The County Master David Lajeunesse gave his report on the County. The Deputy master took the motion to approve and the members thanked him for his hard work. 

The County Treasurer Brother Hartley Wilson  gave his Treasurers report as well as the County Recording Secretary Ryan Campbell gave his report. 

The report on the annual banquet and Christmas cheer was given by Brother Ross Mitchell.

The Primary Lodges of 85, 126, 151, 917, 2297, and District Lodge #1 gave their report on on the activity of their Lodges.

Brother Kevin Bradley reported on the Orange Celebration Committee pasted and that this years activity will be in carleton Place on the 12th of July at the Community centre starting at noon.

The Draping of the Warrant was completed for those members who have passed on, as well as those in earlier years.

The Committee work was reported and approved.

     Charitable                           Ross Mitchell

     Auditors                              Mark Alexander/Doug Nixon

     Credential                          Bruce Toll

     Returns                              Ryan Campbell

     Financial                            Bev Cluff/Art Duncan 

     Motions                              larry Toll/Keith McCooeye

Remarks for the Good of the Order came from RW Richard Lowery our Deputy Grand Master of the PGOLOE, RW Calvin Yeo our Recording Secretary of the PGOLOE, our Grand Master Mark Alexander of the PGOLOE.

Brother Ross Mitchell made a motion for $ 2,000 to the PGOLOE to help them in the running of their Grand Sessions coming up in April 2017.

It was dicided to continue with the County supper, and Christment basket program.

RW Richard Lowery , RW Mark Alexander, and RW Calvin Yeo helped in the election and installation of officers for the upcoming year.

Elected officers were:

Master                                  David Lajeunesse

Chaplain                               Doug Nixon

Secretary                             Ryan Campbell

Treasurer                             Art Duncan

Lecturers                             Earl Sadler/larry Toll

Marshall                              Kevin Bradley

Tyler                                   Bruce Toll 

County Lodge closed in due form       "God Save the Queen"



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