Ottawa Valley County Black Chapter opened the Chapter with SK David Lajennesse in the chair. SK asked the Censors to take up the pass and everyone fos found to be eligible to sit in this County Chapter.

The Chaplain SK Ken Hall read from the scripture Matthew chapter 5 verus 43 through 48.

The County Master raised the Chapter from the Black Degree to the the Apron and Royal Blue.

The Lecturers SK Earl Sadler and SK Jim Logan repeated the lecture.

Honours were given to SK Edgar Carman, SK John Arksey, SK Keith McCooeye, SK Russell Staye, SK Percy Markell, SN Bev Cluff, SK Jim Logan, SK Doug Nixon, And SK Ron Birtch.

The acting Recording Registrar SK Russell Staye read the minutes from the previous meeting. There were no unfinished business arising out of minutes. Communications noted were Annual Returns and Derry Day correspondence and Capitation tax of the PGBCEO of $ 937.00.

The County Reports of the County Master, Recording Registrar and Treasurer were presented and approved.

A voice was give to the visiting members present at the meeting.

The individual Preceptories report to the County as to activity occurring in the region.

The Draping of the Warrant was done for a passing member SK Hiriam Holmes.

The Committees reported on the activities of the Counties. These would include the Credential Committee, Returns, Auditors, and Financial Committees.

The County Church Service will be sponsored by District 1 on July 17, 2017.

The County Master was appointed to be the delegate for the County at the PGBCEO.

If the County would like to have the Red Cross Retreat at RBP 227 they should be sending a letter to RBP 383 to be invited to perform the function.

The election of officers was handled by SK John Arksey and the officers retainted their former positions and the vacant chairs were piput to the floor for nonination and installation. (Deputy Master and Marshall)

Under good and welfare a number of meembers gave greetings and had announcements.

The 50/50 draw winner was anounced.

The next place of the annual meeting will be in Richmond on June 20th, 2018 and the semi-annual will be the second Thursday in June 2017.

The County reduced to the Black Degree.

The password will be distributed.

County Precptory closed in due form. 


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