Rideau St Lawrence County Lodge Region 1

(January 28th, 2017)

County Master John Arksey and Acting County Deputy Master Kevin Bradley assumed the chair and all other offices were filled.

Brother Earl Sdler and Brother Stuart Irving took up the pass from the members present and found that all were in possession of the Orange annual and the pass of this degree. 

The Chaplain Brother Dalton Gilmer opened the meeting with pryer.

O Canada was sung by the members.

The Lecturer was repeated by Brother Earl Sadler and Brother Percy Markell.

Our Marshall Brother Stuart irving brought forth members. The members were giving honours. (Earl Sadler, Dalton Gilmer, Alden Fielding, Doug Nixon, Percy Markell, Lloyd Wylie, Russell Staye, Mart Monk, Richard Lowerey, and Mark Alexander.) Brothers Mart Monk and Richard Lowerey were brought up on the dias.

A vioce and a vote were given to all members. 

The Credential Committee of Brother larry Toll and Brother Andrew Warren reported that there were 18 members in attendance.

The minutes of the last annual meeting was read by Brother Gerald Warren and confirmed.

Our County master John Acksey gave his annual report which was accepted and the members thanked Brother Arksey for his hard work throughout the year.

We Draped the Warrant to acknowledge our departed Brothers who have passed on.

The County Recording Secretary Brother Gerald Warren gave his report and County Treasurer Brother Art Duncan gave his report and both were approved.

Committee report started with the Financial Committee of Brother Art Duncan and Brother Alden Fielding. A small deficit was forecast for the year. Brother Kevin bradley and Brother Andrew Warren reported on the Return s Committee and there were 80 members starting the year and 78 by the end of the year. The Auditors of Brother Lloyd Wylie and Brother Kevin Bradley presented the audit of the Teasurers records and found them to be correct and detailed.

LOL 3127 Morrisburg won the trophy for the most initiations in the County.

There was a recommendation from the Auditors that the upper levels of the Order should reduce the capiation tax to allow the Primary Lodge to oberate more efficiently. The invest accounts should be looked at to see if possible to achieve more return on investments.

Brother Kevin Bradley gave his discussion on the passed and upcoming Orange Celebration Committee to be held in Carleton Place on July 12th, 2017 at the Community Centre, starting at noon

The County Church Service will be in Heckston United Church on the second Sunday in June 2017 starting at about 10am.

A Travelling Bible schedule was distributed to the members for the current year.

Our Provincial Grand master was in attendance and he bestowed upon Brother Wesley Warren his lecturers collar.

Remarks for the good of the order were given by brothers Mark Monk, Russell Staye, Mark Alexander, Earl Sadler, and Richard Lowery.

The election of officers were administered by RW Richard Lowery. The following officers were elected.

Master                                             Roy McLellan

Past Master                                     John Arksey

Deputy Master                                 Wesley Warren

Chaplain                                         Dalton Gilmer

Recording Secretary                        Gerald Warren

Treasurer                               Art Duncan

Deputy Secretary                   Andrew Warren

Marshall                                Stuart Irving

Lecturers                              Reg Conners / Percy Markell

Auditors                                Lloyd Wylie / Kevin Bradley

Next place of meeting will be semi annual ay LOL 512 Montague May 13th, 2017.

The Lecturer was repeated by Brothers Percy Markell and Earl Sadler.

County Lodge closed in due form     GOD SAVE THE QUEEN




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