St Lawrence County Black Chapter met on January 14th, 2017. SK John Arksey was in the County Masters chair and the chairs were filled. County Lodge opened in due form.

Acting Chaplian SK Art Duncan read the scripture from Psalm 62.

The County Master raised the Chapter from the Black to the Apron and Royal Blue Degree.

The Lecturers were SK Reg Conners and SK Percy Markell.

Honours were bistowed upon our distinguished guests (SK Bev Cluff, SK Ken Hall, SK Earl Sadler, SK Russell Staye, SK Edgar Carman, and SK David Lajeuensse)  

The County Recording Registrar read the minutes of the last annual meeting and semi-annual meeting.

The Credential Committee of SK Stuart Irving and SK Doug Nixon reported on the SK's present.

A voice and a vote was given to our visiting members.

The correspondence and bills were presented and discussed.

Our Committee appoinments were made.

The County master SK John Arksey report on his activity in our region; and the Recording Registrar SK Mark Alexander and SK Art Duncan gave their report on Charter activity and finances.

Our Committee members gave their report on Credential, Finances,Auditors, Returns, Rules and Regulations.

The Church service was discussed and it was decided to join in with the Orange Lodge and details will be comming.

Derry day was discussed and committee set up to see if an activity can be put together this year.

The County master was voted on the represent us as the delegate at Grand Session of the PGBCEO.

We have not had an invitation to but on the Red Cross retreat this year as of yet.

Each Preceptory gave a verbal report of its activities throughout the year.

Our Grand Master of the PGBCEO SK Russell Staye presided over our election of officers.

Many members gave greeting from several areas of our Association.

We held a 50/50 draw which collected $ 57.50.

The Grand Master SK Russell Staye disdributed the pass for the Counties and the Preceptories for our region for the 2017 year.

Our next place of meeting will be RBP 509 January 13th 2018, and the semi annual will be RBP 135 June 21, 2017.

County Chapter closed in due form. 


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