Orange Affiliation:

Hiram joined L.O.L. 862 Winchester on July 4th, 1955 and became a dual member on Vernon L.O.L. and Metcalf L.O.L. 205.

In 1980 Hiram was the County Master of Russell County and a member of L.O.L. 2656 Gladstone. Hiram was the Worshipful Master of Gladstone Lodge until 1997 when they amalgamated with L.O.L. 126 Rosemount.

Hiram was a dual member at L.O.L. 2297 Edwards Lodge.


Black Affiliation: 

Sir Knight Hiram Holmes joined Prince Edward Royal Black Preceptory 509 in Winchester in September 1956. Hiram received his Red Cross Degree in October of 1962. he transferred his membership to RBP 227 in Ottawa in 1962. Hiram was a Past Preceptor of RBP 227 and was a County Master of Ottawa Valley County Royal Black Chapter in 1991- 1992. Hiram transferred his membership to RBP 754 Rehab in Edwards in 2007.


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