Qualifications Essential for Membership in The Loyal Orange Association

(From The Constitution & Laws)


  1. "Toward God - An Application for the admission should have a sincere love and veneration for his heavenly father: a steadfast faith in Jesus Christ as the only mediator between God and man; and a firm reliance on the guiding, witnessing, and sanctifying power of the spirit. He should be a diligent reader of God's word, a sincere observer of the lords day, and a regular attendant at his house; endeavoring to bring forth the practical fruits of righteousness and obedience to God's commands, as a humble and consistent of God and a follower of his savoir."
  2. "Toward Queen and Country - He should be loyal in thought, word and act toward the Crown, being protestant; seeking the prosperity and integrity of the Constitutional Monarchy; strengthening it's concepts and supporting the principals which have been the foundation for the Dominion of Canada; ready to promote civil and religions liberty; to maintain the Protestant faith as the purest form of Christianity, and the basis of Constitutional Government, by the people, for the people and to foster unity and godliness in Canada and throughout the Commonwealth"
  3. "Toward Mankind - He should be of temperate and kindly habits, striving to be an example to others as a true Christian citizen. He should abstain from swearing and profane language, from dishonesty and intemperance of any kind. He should seek the welfare of others, be just, considerate and tolerant in his judgment, especially to those who are opposed in faith and principals, and to promote spirit of friendliness and brotherly love."


"Glory of God, welfare of man, the honour of his sovereign, and the good of his country should be the motives of all his actions."


For membership application forms please contact your local lodge secretary, or download the application directly from our website from our Application Form Page in Adobe PDF format. (you will need Adobe Reader to view and fill out online)

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